Sales and Services Personnel

Professional sales team: All salesman have BS degree related to Chemistry or Applied Chemistry or Polymer Science or Material Science, and have more than 8 yrs experience averagely. Technical service team: Average working experience in related area: 20 yrs.All sales and service engineers are trained intensively overseas by our principals. They receive up-to-date training, which is carried out on a regular basis.

Window Laboratories and Consultants
  In our efforts to provide continuous support to customers, we have a number of consultants, who are experts in various fields of the industry and academia. In our commitment to provide the best services and training, before and after sales, we have established demonstration laboratories from where we conduct our demonstrations, applications consultancy and on-site training for customers in China.

Windows Labs
Demo Instruments
Inst.of Chemistry, CAS
Rheometer, Thermal analyzer, Langmuir instrument.
Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.
Rheometer, Thermal Analyzer, Small Twin Screw Extruder and Microinjector.
Fudan University
Zhejang University
Rheometer, Small Twin Screw Extruder
Beijing Univ.of A & A
Thermal Analyzer
Peking University

Thermal Analyzer

Thermal Analyzer
Tsinghua University
Surface Tensiometer; Langmuir instrument; Microinjector
Liaoning Petrochemical Univ.
Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer: IGA03
Dalian Inst. of Chemical Physics,CAS
Mass Spectrometer
Qingdao Univ.of Sci.& Tech.
Mass Spectrometer


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