Rakon Technologies sells the broadest line of instrument available for materials characterization such as Thermal Analyzers; Rotational Rheomters/Viscometers; Capillary Rheometers; Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Spectrometer; Tensile Testing and Hardness Testing Equipment; Catalysis/ Absorption Analyzers; MS; Tensiometers; LB; UV-VIS Spectrophotometer; Physical Properties instruments/equipments.

Rakon Technologies acts as the exclusive agent in China( incl. HK) for some world class manufacturers, namely:
GABO, United, LIST, LAMY RHEOLOGY, Hiden, Leistritz, Camtel, FIRE, FOURNé Polymertechnik GmbH...


Rotational Rheometer, Capillary Rheometer, Viscometer

Universal Testing Machines

Gravimetric Sorption Analyzer; Mass Spectrometer

Fire Testing Instruments and Equipments

Thermal analyzer, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer

Equipment to produce and process Polymer Fiber

High viscosity processing technology

Surface Tension,
Contact Angle Meters,
LB Balance,
Physical Properties Testing Instruments/Equipments
Small Lab Twin Screw Extruder , Microinjector


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