Rakon Technologies Ltd( Rakon Sci.& Tech. Ltd) has its Corporate Headquarters in the political capital of China, Beijing- the center of science and technology, education and culture, economy and finance in China and the gateway to China.      Besides Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou offices, we have liaison offices in Harbin, Chengdu, Kunming and Hong Kong.

Business Scope

Since our foundation in 1992, Rakon Technologies, has developed relationships with world class manufacturers of laboratory equipment & supplies.      Rakon has abundant experience on cooperation with these manufacturers, and has been a reliable partner with the Chinese science community, industrial enterprise and university now.       All the time we are dedicated to the market of petrochemical industry, academic and government research laboratories, and the food, cosmetics and semiconductor industries… as exclusive distributor of products of some foreign instrument & equipment manufacturers in China.     Customer base covers 29 provinces area (incl. HK).


Focusing on Chinese professional instrument market, we will role as the bridge between international companies and Chinese customers and provide Chinese customers with proper products as well as with promptly professional services.       In the recent years, we have continued to focus our business strategically in China, recognizing the urgent and increasing needs of our Chinese customers for the supply of quality instrumentation, thus assisting China to increase its growth in Science and Technology.

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